👨‍🏫 Lessons

The one thing you lack in your language learning journey.

Why taking private lessons ?

If you're truly committed to learning a new language, you may try multiple methods and see improvement in your skills. However, there's one crucial aspect that you can't practice alone: speaking.

As I always say, learning to drive requires passing the theoretical and practical exams. No matter how well you've studied the theory, you won't know how to drive a car until you sit behind the wheel and practice.

In this regard, I offer weekly one-hour lessons, just you and me, at the same day and time every week. We'll create a study plan so that you know what to do between our meetings, and our sessions will be dedicated to speaking and corrections. We'll use engaging materials to spark interesting conversations, but the goal is for you to feel free to make mistakes. I'll provide corrections and explanations so that you can leave each session feeling like you've improved your speech.

Here's how it works:

  1. Contact me to sign up for my private lessons
  2. We agree on a day and time to have a one-hour lesson every week
  3. Google Meet is where the magic happens
  4. You get 4 hours a month for €200 (it only works as a monthly pack)

Please note that I only work with serious individuals. It's like having a gym membership. We agree on a day and time, and it's important that you show up every week for the lessons to be effective. But if you're reading this, I know you're ready to take the leap! Plus, you also unlock all the content on my website, including the transcripts of the podcast.

Oh and by the way, we can recover some lessons if you're sick or can't make it. Once you buy a pack, I block an hour for you on my calendar every week.